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Pop Me Up advertising

October 18, 2009

We just love this quirky idea which was inspired by the Million Dollar Homepage


Creative Juices

October 9, 2009

Looks like we’ve managed to get the creative juices flowing over at Creative Ireland after we posted about Solidarity and called on those interested in working with us to get in touch.

I was warned about posting on the forum that it would probably kick off an interesting discussion and that it did.

Some of the posts are just downright ridiculous with folks shouting their mouths off without knowing the full facts are even asking some questions.

Its disappointing to think that some of these guys wouldnt help out a small Irish company with their expertise because it might ‘undermine the design services sector and devalues the work ‘. Are these people for real???

Anyway the post was well worth it as a further seven people have got in touch with us.

Getting started

October 4, 2009


Within hours of individuals registering their interest in getting involved we were being asked “ok what can we do to get this project moving“.

The first port of call was with those with a branding or design background as Solidarity needed some kind of identity or branding to at least get us off the ground.

This was the first test for those wishing to get involved to literally put their money where their mouth is and see if they were serious about getting involved or were they simply ticking a box with us.

We sent out the shortest brief in the world and almost immediately Steven Ruane and the guys from Midpoint Creative in Kerry came hammering our door down. The got the idea, probably laughed at the brief but most importantly came straight back with initial concepts and some ideas.

After much chatter amongst some members of the group we eventually settled on the above. It’s by no means final but it at least kicks things off for us in terms of an identity.

Answering the call

October 4, 2009


A large number of individuals and company’s got in touch to join in and to offer their services in many different ways. In order to put some structure on our efforts we decided to organise ourselves around an agency structure but without the hierarchy.

The most obvious name for the voluntary agency is Solidarity and we even managed to secure the domain which we are currently working on to get some kind of web presence onto it.

And we’ve lift off…

October 3, 2009


Ok, its lift-off for Solidarity.

What started out as an off-the-cuff remark on the Brand Ireland blog seems to have kicked off something very special. Some of our best marketing and PR professionals are pulling together in a show of solidarity to fight back against this dastardly economic downturn.

The purpose for the coming together is to help out small Irish businesses who have little or no expertise/resources in the areas of marketing and PR. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of small Irish businesses out there with fantastic products which may never see the light of day simply because supportĀ  budgets or sufficient resources are not available. This isn’t helped by the fact that costs for most advertising and PR agencies are well out-of-bounds for small businesses.

We called for individuals from across the industry to get in touch if they were interested in offering some of their free time and expertise to work on marketing/PR plans and strategies for businesses we opt to work with.

The call has been answered .